Susan Lacke loves sport.

It wasn’t always that way. Between bites of corn dogs
and puffs of Marlboro Lights, Susan used to emphatically
declare that running was for crazy people, triathletes
were nutjobs with Ironman tattoos, and anyone who said
healthy foods taste good were obviously high on

Today, that view has slightly changed. If she could marry
triathlon and have its aerodynamic babies, she would
do it. Because that type of marriage is not (yet) recognized
in the United States, Susan has taken to the next best
thing: Making other people love running and triathlon just
as much as she does.

It all started with a New Year’s Resolution to run a 5K.
That 5K became 10K. Then 13.1 miles.
Then 26.2. And a year and a half after the infamous New
Year’s resolution, that 5K turned into an Ironman Triathlon.

Small, seemingly insignificant goals can turn into
life-changing experiences in the blink of an eye. Through
writing about running and triathlon for sport magazines
and websites, Susan has met many readers who are proof
positive of that.

Lest you think she’s gone off the deep end: Susan still
thinks running is for crazy people, but is proud to count
herself as one of the crazies and will relentlessly pester
you until you agree to join her at her next race. If you need
(further) proof that she’s a nutjob, she’ll proudly show
you her Ironman tattoo.

And the second the USA legalizes human-sport marriages,
you can bet she’ll be wearing race flats to the courthouse
to put a ring on it.